Bags like the closest friend for women, always accompany in life, but different bag has different style, ladies should know how to match:

Top Handle Bags:

With it, you can feel free to hold it on your arm or while adding a piece of shoulder girdle, wear across your shoulders are out of question. Actually, this types of bags which combines with multi functions will be the future trend in the fashion world. Top Handle Bags suitable for office workers, the computer, the article such as file can enter inside the bag, but it needs large space suitable for lady, can put the umbrella, wallet, keys into the bag, is very convenient, like this:

Top Handle Bag 1

Top Handle Bag 2




The handbag is to white collar, can choose concise style, highlight oneself style, had better choose two different type of handbags, could give a person good impression, like this:

Handbags 4


Handbags 5


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