In general, white collar have difficulties in how to match their clothes and bags. I share my experience as follows. I hope help everyone:

  1. Don’t have an obvious logo on it in your bags, if you have too obvious a logo, it’s bad for you;
  2. Bags should be light for you, you need to bring a lot of things to work every day. if your bag is heavy, it can make you very tired;
  3. Bags must have multiple pockets, multiple pockets allow you to pack different things, if you can’t find your stuff quickly, your boss may get angry, because you can’t find things in time, you may delay your boss’s time;

   4.  Size of your outfit determines the size of your bag, if you put your computer in your bag, your bag needs to be bigger.  if you put your keys into your bag, you could buy a smaller bag;

5.  Working is a serious business, so it’s best to have only one color for white-collar’s, not too bright, like red, I recommend that the color of the bag be black because the black is serious, When you choose the black bag, I suggest that you can wear red, it will be very beautiful, like this:

Red clothes and black bags


Finally, I suggest that the best is a black bag, because the black represents the classic, never out of date, the color of the clothes bag had better not drink, the best color is dark, such as brown. The combination of clothes and bags is always an eternal topic, and I will continue to talk about it in the later.

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  1. Great, thank you very much for your articles. I’ve read you for a long time. Thank you.

    • Thank you review my article, sometimes I once want to give up write article, when you say I’ve read your artilce for a long time, I’m very happy, I will write article when I have free time.

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